Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream
Bavlio™ Eczema Cream

Bavlio™ Eczema Cream

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No more embarrassing patches or flare-ups on your skin after this. Your search for the ultimate solution to these skin problems is finally over! Gain your confidence. Now you can go out without worrying about how you'll look. End the never-ending itch of your body with the Bavlio™ Eczema Cream!


This Bavlio™ Eczema Cream is applicable to people with Eczema and Psoriasis skin problem. This can also relieve itchiness, pruritus, dermatitis, and various skin problems. You can see improvement in your skin as early as 3 days. You won’t have to be embarrassed about your skin anymore, walk freely and be proud of your own skin with the use of Bavlio™ Eczema Cream!


Get clearer skin with Bavlio™ Eczema Cream, a comprehensive, safe, and gentle treatment for daily use for psoriasis and eczema made with clinical strength and natural herbal ingredients while enhancing the smoothness and appearance of the skin. This prevents the recurrence of eczema on any part of your body, so permanently say goodbye to them once you apply this!

Herbal formula: Safe, effective. Non-harmful;
Excellent raw material: With better effect than common psoriasis cream;
Strong permeability: Deeply sterilize, no recrudescence;
Toxic-free: Free of heavy metal;
No adverse reaction: Suitable for all ages;
Delicate package: Flexible tube design is more convenient to use.


- 100% Natural Ingredients
Made with pure, natural ingredients. Herbs are an effective solution for eczema. These natural ingredients are skin-friendly. Bavlio™ Eczema Cream combines clinical strength and natural herbal ingredients from the latest plant science to relieve psoriasis symptoms; No parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, or harsh chemicals; safe for sensitive skin.

Does not contain Steroid (Steroid-Free)
Do you know that most skin ointments on the market nowadays contain steroids? Steroids may cause several side effects, especially with prolonged use. The Bavlio™ Eczema Cream does not contain any steroids at all. It is 100% natural.

Relieve Itchiness In Just a Few Minutes
If you can relieve itchiness, you also can prevent bleeding on your skin because you don't have to scratch your skin anymore. Your skin can heal so much faster.

Boosts Healing & Promotes New Cell Growth
Heals open wounds fast and promote recovery. Impressive results after 1-2 weeks of usage. 

Sleep Without Itching And Pain
Sleep is one of the most important things in our life. It's important to have quality sleep. No more waking up frequently at night due to skin itchiness or pain.


Bavlio™ Eczema Cream is used to treat psoriasis and eczema in most areas of the body. The treatment works by reducing inflammation. This slows the production of affected skin cells and reduces itching lessening the affected areas. Bavlio™ Eczema Cream treatment range in strength from mild to very strong making it the REAL SOLUTION.


STEP 1. Wash the affected area with soap and lukewarm water.
STEP 2. Squeeze a generous layer on the affected area.
STEP 3. Massage gently until the cream is being absorbed by the skin.
STEP 4. Apply two to three times daily.
STEP 5. When your skin is healed, you need to keep using it for 2-3 weeks to avoid the recurrence of skin disease.

NOTE: Can be used on children. Can also be used on the face, scalp, and private area. And it is not advisable to be used on pregnant women. Recommended cycle is 2-3 tubes. Seal in a cool dry place.


• PSEUDOLARIX KAMEPFERI ROOT BARK EXTRACT: Anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria, treat stubborn psoriasis; relieve itching;

• DICTAMNUS DASYCARPUS ROOT BARK EXTRACT: Against purulent skin infection;

• PHELLODENDRON CHINENSE BARK EXTRACT: Anti-bacteria, inhibit bacteria growth, enhance skin immunity;

• STEMONA TUBEROSA ROOT EXTRACT: Smooth and moisturize skin, prevents itching caused by dry skin.


Net Content: 20g
Shelf Life: Two (2) Years


1* Bavlio™ Eczema Cream

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